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The current Dodge Journey model has been on the market since 2008. The new design of the model is long overdue. However, the company believes that in this move, it could still be on hold. During 2016, Journey SUV was sold in 105,400 copies. This number does not indicate the need for anything to change this model. Meanwhile, have emerged and official information on the new generation. 2019 Dodge Journey will be produced in Italy. The Toluca plant in Mexico will continue for nearly two years to produce the model as it is now.

According to the 2019 Dodge Journey SUV, the organization will be completely modified. We can anticipate that the vehicle will be the new stage. This will probably be Alfa’s RWD/AWD platform. This is the main change from the informed update. After the main statement, the trip must take the CUSW scenario. It uses Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 models and Jeep Cherokee. The future 2019 Dodge Journey will give a stage to the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This involves the base of this SUV to make the most changing stage available. It offers the ability to roll on the front wheels, raise the drive wheels and, potentially, all the drive wheels of mid-sized hybrid utility vehicles.

Operating unit data no. Based on the platform that will serve as a basis for a new generation, he talks about engines. The four cylinders of the Alfa Romeo and the 8 speed automatic gearbox could be one of the propulsion units of the new 2019 Dodge Journey SUV. Some sources have listed the engine that will use the FCA or the model in the Jeep line. This is a 300 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo four cylinder engine that will launch the fourth generation Jeep Wrangler. And this engine will be combined with the eight speed automatic transmission.

When introduced as a 2019 model, the current Dodge Journey model will be around 10 years old. FCA has expanded and plans to have an excessive number of new and adjusted models. The current SUV trip brings gains. The new model must be transformed into a root, because it will undoubtedly become a more European model. The trip is sold permanently with a kinship screen that carries the check Fiat. It’s the Fiat Freemont. The organization has currently selected the 2019 Dodge Journey SUV item factory in Italy. Fiat Freemont has several suspension settings and slight restoration changes, unlike the crossing display.

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