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Not so long ago, the traditional convertible convertible seemed about to disappear, as most automakers started using retractable hard caps. But like the humpback whale and the white rhinoceros, it has recovered remarkably, to the point that the 2019 BMW Z4 will become a canvas roof again.

The new 2019 BMW Z4 is a significant change from the old roadster, but it is by no means out of this world in terms of design. However, this seems familiar only because it is based largely on the Z4 concept and borrows some tracks from the 8 series. The latter is from 2018, so we are talking about a new design language. On the front, we can see many signs borrowed from the show car, including the huge double kidney grille and headlights very aggressive. The grille is also very similar to the 8 Series. BMW has also retained large side air intakes, although they have been redesigned and the black blade that extends downwards to form a separator is abandoned. Unlike the 8 Series, the 2019 BMW Z4 has extra sheaths in the corners of the bumper’s central grille. The bonnet is incredibly sporty, with two bulges flanking the midline. In addition, the sides extend on the arches of the wheels, as in sports cars in their own right. This has become a hallmark feature on all Z cars and it’s good to see that the third generation 2019 BMW Z4 also has it. The similarities with the concept also continue alongside. Of course, the nose is not so sharp and the flying buttresses have been removed, but the production model includes large windproof respirators on the front fenders and similar character lines, including carved side skirts. At the rear, BMW has borrowed a lot from the 8 Series. The license plate housing has the same position on the bumper, the taillights are thin towards the fenders and the trunk lid has a sharp fin. All these features define the sexy rear of the 8 Series. On the 2019 BMW Z4, they are all a little more compact and add to the car’s elegant and sporty fascia. The vents of the bumper and the aggressive diffuser with rectangular exhaust pipes remind me of the prototype. You may have noticed that the presentation template has a black border. This is not standard equipment, but the fact that the first edition is sold on the M40i models with the option of BMW’s high brightness individual line. The regular model will have a chrome trim on the grille and bumpers. The First Edition Roadster also features a frozen orange metallic paint, black mirror caps and 19 inch two tone wheels with a two spoke design. The normal roadster will have a smoother design, but BMW has not yet released photos of all equipment levels at the time of writing this article.

Inside the cabin, the 2019 BMW Z4 does not stray too far from BMW’s newly renovated interiors. As a sports roadster, the 2019 BMW Z4 has the widest, widest center console that separates the driver and passenger compartments. The central battery is also wider than normal and slightly oriented towards the driver, as it offers better access to the controls and the information and entertainment system. The latter is placed above the air conditioning vents, as in most Bimmers, but it is placed in a trapezoidal unit and “sticks” to the lid of the instrument cluster. It’s as if BMW were trying to replicate the system that Mercedes Benz uses today in most of its cars. The graphics of the group of instruments are interesting to say the least. While most cars display speed and turn counters, the 2019 BMW Z4 displays them as bows on the sides, with the navigation map in the center. The speed on the right side also includes information on the gears and the driving style. The small fuel and temperature indicators are displayed at the bottom. The center console seems quite familiar. The speed selector is flanked by the engine start button on the left and the infotainment button on the right. The three touch controls below the engine start button suggest that the 2019 BMW Z4 has three driving modes: Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport. Sport seats have built in head restraints, but I have the impression that these are standard only on the M40i and 2019 BMW Z4. The standard model should have simpler seats, but should provide decent side support. There is not much information on driving technology, but according to BMW, the 2019 BMW Z4 comes with a head up display, which is used for the first time in a roadster. It is also equipped with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional. The First Edition has black vernasca leather and matching seams, but other color options will be available in standard production versions. The car is also equipped with power seats with memory function and Harman Kardon surround system, both optional in the lower section. Finally, the roadster is equipped with a new electric canopy. It was finished in anthracite with a silver effect on the M40i First Edition, but it is likely that BMW offers at least two additional color options in the standard car.

BMW has chosen to disclose powertrain information for M40i only so far. Not surprisingly, you get your 3.0 liter six cylinder juice delivering over 300 horsepower in other Bimmers. In 2019 BMW Z4, 340 hp engine starts. It’s an additional 18 horsepower on the 340i Series 3 version, but BMW says the figure is tentative, so that might change before the market launch. The sprint at 62 miles per hour 4.6 seconds, so it is safe to assume that the US version. UU. It will reach 60 mph in about 4.5 ticks. Like all M inspired cars that are not complete vehicles, the M40i comes with a range of options to enhance the performance of the company’s M brand. Standard features include a sports suspension with electronically controlled dampers, a M Sport electronic brake system M Sport differential. Combined with the low center of gravity, 50:50 wide axle load distribution and wide track, the 2019 BMW Z4 should be fairly agile both on the road and on the track roadster. Al M40i will join at least two models in 2019. Expect a base model with four shots of 181 horses and 199 pounds of the 3 and 4 series as well as a mid-range version of the same mill ranked in about 248 horses and 258 lb-ft. Rumors say that BMW could add a hybrid to the line. Indeed, the transmission will sit on a new sports car architecture developed jointly with Toyota and the Japanese are undoubtedly a hybrid plan. However, some argue that the Germans could choose not to add a hybrid to differentiate his brother Toyota Z4. Of course, a 2019 BMW Z4 model will eventually join the line with more than 400 horses. The energy will be provided by a reinforced six cylinder similar to M3 and M4.

The first edition cars will arrive at dealerships in the second quarter of 2019, while the 2019 BMW Z4 four cylinder base model will arrive in the spring. The price has not been announced for any model yet.

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