2018 Honda Pilot News And Release

2018 Honda Pilot Interior Edition Forest Pearl Rims Bolt Pattern

If you need space for a growing family in a vehicle as quiet as possible, the 2018 Honda Pilot for 8 passengers is a bet as good as the others. With its elegant styling, excellent driving characteristics and proven V6, the rider can handle almost any challenge. If you’re looking for a 3 row SUV with plenty of cargo space, towing capacity of over 5,000 pounds or hybrid fuel economy, there are better options than the Pilot. Budget conscious buyers will notice that Toyota Highlander LE base comes standard with advanced driver safety systems that are not available in the entry level Pilot LX.

In 2018, the 2018 Honda Pilot rejects the square style of the first two generations in favor of clean lines, clearly designed to evoke a familiar resemblance to the smaller CR-V and HR-V. Although it no longer stands out in a parking lot, the current SUV driver seems overall better. We particularly like the LED accents on the headlights and a taillight design that reflects the same pattern. However, some may find that the loading floor exceeds a few centimeters that is necessary, while others will regret that the window of the rear hatch no longer opens regardless of the hatch.

The interior of the 2018 Honda Pilot features soft touch surfaces on the dashboard and doors, which combine with comfortable, quiet seating on the road to deliver a sophisticated feel. Comfort is associated with functionality with generous cargo space and a huge tray for the center console with plenty of storage space. Fortunately, Honda has updated its navigation system for one of the Garmin models, although not everyone will appreciate the colors of the cartoons. The second row seats are comfortable and the one touch folding mechanism from the Acura MDX makes it easy to access the third row. We also appreciate the multiple USB ports (up to five) and the available HD rear entertainment system.

The current model uses Honda’s naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6, which is moored to a six speed automatic or a nine speed automatic. The latter is only available in high-end models Touring and Elite, which is a shame. However, this should change. Not so long ago, the new Odyssey was launched and offers a completely new transmission. It seems that this will also make its way into the 2018 Honda Pilot, although Honda has not yet confirmed it. This means that the base model will probably receive the nine speed automatic transmission as standard. The high-end versions, on the other hand, could use the new ten speed gearbox. This is an internal Honda design that seems superior to the nine speed ZF gearbox that was sometimes lacking. The 3.5 liter V6 engine could also get a small boost in power. He currently has 280 horses and most rumors suggest that he will reach about 300 horsepower and about 270 pound feet of torque. With the help of the ten speed gearbox, the new driver should be at least as efficient and offer better performance than before. The friction resistance, which was previously set at 5,000 pounds in the high-end model, will probably remain unchanged.

The update should be launched with the upcoming 2018 Honda Pilot and should include some cosmetic updates and some modifications under the skin. The overall feel of the car will remain similar, but should offer a slightly better driving experience than before. The suspension system is one of the biggest problems of the current model. The car is perfect for cruising, but the suspension is too soft. Fortunately, Honda is listening to its customers. So it seems that we can see a configuration similar to Ridgeline, which is a bit more rigid. more enjoyable to drive while maintaining comfort levels unchanged. The new model is expected to be launched in early 2018 and arrive soon thereafter. It will still cost the same price as before with high-end models of $ 50,000, which could be the upper limit of its category. It is expected that this smaller version of the car uses the same platform as the Pilot, but with a shorter wheelbase. This will give you all the advantages of the driver without any inconvenience. Many expected it to be based on Honda’s new modular platform. However, being based on the same chassis as the current driver, this would allow them to maintain the 5,000 pound tow rating and a few other peculiarities. It is likely that the car is considerably cheaper than the Pilot. In fact, some have suggested that it could start around $ 26,000, which is most rivals.

2018 Honda Pilot Door Guard Dual Exhust Seating Features

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