2018 Honda HR-V News And Release

2018 Honda HR-V Four Door Six Cylinder All Wheel Drive

The 2018 Honda HR-V went on sale in Australia, offering updated styling, improved handling and maneuverability, increased safety and a new variant, the RS. Some minor design changes have been made outside and inside the vehicle.

While it is said that the new crossover will make many changes, you will get some of its classic Honda Fit design features. It is expected that the truck will be longer and wider compared to the precursors and will also be built with a moon roof system integrated with glass. When you stand in front of the vehicle, you’ll see a modern grille and a unique well-equipped bumper. At the same time, headlights and taillights also make certain adjustments, such as installing the result of modern LED lighting. It will have a 17 inch wheelbase dimension and some of these adjustments will give the new 2018 Honda HR-V an aggressive look compared to previous models. The new model will now be available with metallic blue paint from the Aegean Sea.

The interior of the cabin is another area in which the 2018 Honda HR-V will need to be upgraded compared to the existing version. Here, the design, in addition to the feeling they provide to their customers, is certainly above the norm. Despite this, the level of equipment and the high quality of the products are not really the most effective. The small update of the car should include a new information and entertainment system. This has been the biggest demand from its customers so far. Each person wants a unit that can match the phone and it seems that the update will only do that. In addition to the new infomercial system, it is expected that the car will get better materials and much better development. These should finally offer you what needs to be much better compared to your rivals.

The 2018 Honda HR-V is equipped with a 1.8 liter four cylinder gasoline engine that delivers 105 kW at 6,200 rpm and 172 Nm at 4,300 rpm. It is coupled to a CVT in all variants. If you opt for the RS variant of the VTi-LX variants, you will get pallets mounted in the direction that, once activated, will provide a simulated “seven speed” response in “S” mode.

The expected price of the 2018 Honda HR-V increases only slightly, but not much compared to the previous model. The updated version of the Honda HR-V has arrived in Australia at prices of $ 24,990 + ORC. In one way or another, the new 2018 Honda HR-V is very profitable, even for those with a limited spending plan. The 2018 Honda HR-V entered the market on August 14th.

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