2018 Ford GT News And Release

2018 Ford GT Daytona Diecast Dimensions Doors Drag Race

The new 2018 Ford GT. We drove it. About the bloody time too. Nearly a year ago, he won his class at Le Mans and several weeks after Matt LeBlanc took him on the television show. But we have a lot to overcome, so let’s move on. The basic concepts are probably familiar to you, but let’s briefly summarize why there is a reason why the controversial V6 is the right engine for this car. And because the 2018 Ford GT is about packaging, aerodynamics and driving behavior, it’s a chassis, not a motor.

Despite its obvious performance claims, the 2018 Ford GT still has some comfort. Ford’s SYNC 3 touchscreen infotainment system is standard and offers full connectivity for smartphones, but the visual options are exciting, with a variety of colors, traditional 2018 Ford GT scratches, color brake calipers and more. same 20 inch carbon fiber wheels available in a variety of models. As a supercar, no crash test has been done and Ford does not say what its safety features are. However, ABS brakes with EBD, electronic stability control and traction control are all standard, as well as the FIA ​​approved integrated protection cage.

The extreme buttresses and rounded curves of the 2018 Ford GT are functional and follow function. But aerodynamics affecting the cabin, the cabin of the 2018 Ford GT is one of the smallest in its class. Entering the cabin requires leaning, stretching a lot and distorting with difficulty, which will probably hit your head. Thanks to the anti roll cage of the FIA ​​which is in the frame of the 2018 Ford GT for this reason. The bucket seats are attached to the carbon fiber frame, although the pedals and steering column are adapted to the driver. Fortunately, most of the controls are mounted in the direction. So, once in place, you do not need to stretch too much. A digital experience incorporates a comprehensive set of digital speed indicators: clearly state of the art cockpit technology filled with apparent carbon fibers and oddly displaced controls, such as a rotary controller directly derived from the Ford Fusion.

Ford has received a lot of criticism for its decision to equip the 2018 Ford GT with six cylinders. After all, it’s not the American style. But the 3.5 liter EcoBoost 3.5 liter engine develops 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque and feels even more powerful than the numbers suggest. A 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission manages the power of the rear wheels. 0-60 mph takes a shade in less than 3 seconds, and flat, it will reach 216 mph in V-MAX mode, the rear wing being returned for minimal resistance. As for noise, the V6 screams gloriously at full speed, but with a little acceleration, something drone.

This is where the plot gets complicated. At present, if you want your own example, the 2018 Ford GT specifies an initial price of $ 500,000. Why not wait for an example used? The problem is that only 500 cars are built per year. Another obstacle is that Ford’s purchase agreement includes the first right of refusal. All things considered, if you are tired of your 2018 Ford GT, you will buy it again to make sure the image of the supercar is not tarnished by those looking to make a profit. Here are two schools of thought, with valid points for each case. Be that as it may, the price of the 2018 Ford GT will remain untouchable for mere mortals.

2018 Ford GT Daytona Diecast Dimensions Doors Drag Race

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